best beauty trends 2012:
Unconventional Eyeliner
imageThis year we said sayonara to regular eyeliner, replacing it with everything from extended cat-eyes and geometric shapes to liners in every color of the rainbow.

Burgundy Lipstick


One of my new favorite lipstick colors to darken up any look.

Gold Eyeshadow


Consider it our in-a-pinch date-night makeup look. Gilded lids, similar to Megan Fox’s, provide a hint of glitter that could catch any guy’s eye.

Full Eyebrows


Lily Collins and other full-browed beauties inspired us all to step away from the tweezers and let our eyebrows grow in naturally. No plucking, no tweezing—instead we filled in them in with powder and tamed them with a bit of brow gel.

The Untraditional Smoky Eye
imageWhile we’ll always love smoldering black smoky eyes, 2012 brought us new versions to add to our night-out makeup arsenal (think plum and navy). Kate Hudson’s glittery version sent us reaching for a new palette to play with.

The over sized Bun


Topknot! Messy! Sock! Braided! there was never a dull moment with buns this year! celebs including Jennifer Morrision, Lauren Conrad and Kim Kardashian went the over-the-top route. And why not? Even something as simple as a bun can use a jolt every now and then.

The Accent Nail


Can’t decide what to paint your nails? 2012 gave us the accent nail where you could paid one nail a completely different color to the rest!!

Fishtail Braids


The plaits we wore as little kids had a major resurgence thanks to ladies like Blake Lively. Worn with gowns for formal occasions or jeans and T-shirts during those off-duty times, braids allowed us to look polished in about five minutes.

There you have it! I wonder what 2013 will bring!

Hopefully, no more dramatic haircuts. (I’m looking at you Miley).


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